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Premium DNS hosting providers – Which one to choose?

Premium DNS hosting providers – Which one to choose?

Do you wish to upgrade to Premium DNS but are unsure of how or why to do so? No need to worry; you are where you need to be. We will discuss the use of Premium DNS, the reasons it is so helpful, and where to find it in this article. So let’s get going.

The definition of Premium DNS

Companies that provide DNS hosting also offer Premium DNS as a service. Business corporations frequently use it. Why? Because you can get more of everything with Premium subscriptions. Therefore, it is better to have additional DNS servers and DNS zones. Traffic can also be controlled more skillfully. Your loading speed will certainly increase if you choose the Premium DNS subscription. Additionally, it will offer improved security, SEO, and uptime.

List of Premium DNS hosting provider leaders

  1. ClouDNS

Incorporated in 2010, ClouDNS is a Managed DNS service provider. It currently offers top-notch DNS services at a fair price-performance ratio. 34 Anycast sites are already present, all of which are located exactly where you require them. 

The cheapest package from ClouDNS costs about $2.95 a month and offers 5  DNS zones,  200 DNS records, 8  DNS servers, and 5M  monthly queries. In addition, it provides  Secondary DNS, DNSSEC, Anycast DNS, and Dynamic DNS.

  1. Zilore

In order to increase the efficiency, dependability, and security of your websites, Zilore, a DNS hosting provider, handles DNS. It is a quick, dependable, and global DNS hosting solution with outstanding capabilities. There are currently 20 Anycast locations worldwide.

5 domains, an unlimited number of DNS records, and a number of monthly queries, DNSSEC, and Anycast DNS are all part of Zilore’s $5 per month Premium DNS service.

  1. DNSimple

DNSimple offers DNS hosting and domain management automation services using a reliable API and a user-friendly web interface. Domain registration, DNS administration, and SSL certificate issuance are all possible with clients written in Ruby, Go, Elixir, and other computer programming languages.

DNSimple includes 5 domains, Unlimited DNS records and DNS queries, Anycast DNS, Secondary DNS, DNSSEC, and 1 user for $6 per month.

When do you need Premium DNS?

If your company generates a lot of traffic, think about deploying a Premium DNS service. You’ll be able to control it and your global presence in this way. In this case, uninterrupted uptime is essential. You must be ready to respond to the countless questions coming in from all around the world.

You might need to meet the requirements for a website with high security. And guarantee the security of user data and transactions.

Examples of these industries include e-commerce, banking, accountancy, fintech firms, payments, and many more.


We can conclude that Premium DNS is a crucial service for your company. Why? because it increases performance, has a DNS Failover strategy, and maintains the security of your website. It is, therefore, absolutely worth a try!

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