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7 tactics to protect against DDoS attacks in 2021

7 tactics to protect against DDoS attacks in 2021

Statistics of cyber attacks are multiplying fast every year. Online businesses really have to strengthen their security in 2021 to prevent or mitigate these threats. Don’t wait any longer! Enable today the necessary these 7 tactics to protect your business against DDoS attacks.

Know what a DDoS attack is

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) is an attack where criminals look to drown a victim (network or server) by sending it massive traffic loads from multiple sources (infected devices). 

There are different types of DDoS, and each uses a specific technique to produce the traffic. But generally, criminals send a massive amount of requests to their victim to shut it down and get the denial of service for legit users.

Let’s get deeper into the threat and its techniques to build an efficient strategy against it.

Monitor your network’s traffic

Online businesses have traffic patterns. You must understand them to distinguish normal traffic from abnormal. Constant monitoring can point sudden spikes or strange activity. Knowing your traffic, plus a smart monitor will help you catch the first DDoS symptoms before it is too late.

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Add bandwidth

Especially talking about large-scale volumetric DDoS, to increase bandwidth means the chance for making your highway wider to handle the traffic. Bandwidth itself won’t stop an attack, but it can make it possible to handle if detected at an early stage.

Get a load balance solution

A load balance solution efficiently distributes big traffic loads. It directs them from one server to another to balance their workload and to prevent them from stress or the exhaustion of their resources. 

Get a CDN solution

A content distribution network (CDN) is a network of web hosting servers distributed in different points of the world. Due to the amount and different location of its servers, they back each other up. If a server suffers an attack, traffic can be directed to another, keeping your online business available for users. 

Besides, CDN providers include in their plans security features to protect you. If you need extra protection, they usually supply this in their more robust plans. 

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Get security and anti-DDoS technology

Building efficient defenses against DDoS attacks requires modern technology. It can’t sort it out with a single tool. You need multi-level protection. Monitoring tools, firewalls, load balancer, filters, and more to prevent intrusions in your system, to detect malicious activity before it harms.

Some anti-DDoS solutions can be outsourced for the convenience of your pocket. There are plans in which you can scale resources up or down based on your real needs. 

Keep good practices and quality maintenance

Prevention of risks is a daily practice. Your employees must take security seriously. The importance of passwords and authentication processes, risks of phishing, etc. Close the gaps human errors leave for criminals to take advantage of.

Scan and run tests to detect failures in your system that can become weak spots for criminals to intrude. Updating will help you to patch on time possible holes in your software. 

Design a response plan

Response time is a critical factor in stopping a DDoS, reducing damages, or being devastated by it. Steps to face the emergency must be defined in advance to react accurately and fast – people in charge, how to prioritize the system’s resources, who to warn, etc. 


DDoS attacks are a dangerous reality. There are tactics to be protected and to fight back if needed. Not to be prepared in advance, it’s like playing with fire!  

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